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Tying flies with foam is not only fun, it is also economical.  You can tie dozens of terrestrial fly patterns from a single sheet of closed cell foam purchased at your local craft store for under a dollar.  The resources listed below can get you quickly up-to-speed and tying a variety of very effective patterns from foam.

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Resources with Fly Patterns using Foam:

Foam Flies - A list of foam flies, some with patterns and pictures

Hi Vis Foam Beetle Fly Pattern

Micellaneous Foam Patterns

Tying the Crystal Butt Hopper, by Harrison Steeves

Charlies Foam Bluegill Flies

Page's Slim Jim

Articles & Publications about Tying Flies with Foam:

Foam on the Range by Scott Sanchez

Terrestrials 101 by Harrison Steeves

Foam Fly Tying Suppliers:

Loco Foam - A great source for foam, templates and punches

Sleazy Steve's Soggy Bottom Fly Shop - An excellent source of foam blocks, cutters and shapers

River Road Creations - a source of foam cutters, patterns and tying instructions

The Bear Lodge Angler - a source of foam cutters for various shapes

Foam Products - good source for different foams and popper bodies

Flycraft - source for ready-to-tie foam terrestrial bodies.

Rainy's Flies & Supplies, Inc.

Larva Lace

Dans Custom Flys - a source of various foam popper bodies

Scintilla - a source of Fly Buoy Foam sheets

Edgewater Foam and Foam Flies - (800) 584-7647

Books about Tying Flies with Foam:

Tying Flies With Foam, Fur, and Feathers  by Harrison R. Steeves III - A great resource for tying foam patterns

Tying Foam Flies  by Skip Morris - A well known standard

Tying Warmwater Flies by C. Boyd Pfeiffer

Bluegill Fly Fishing & Flies by Roxanne and Terry Wilson


In addition to the articles we found available on the web you should also check out the following hard print articles:

  • Mercer's Lemming by Mike Mercer in the winter 2003 edition of Fish & Fly

  • Looped Foam Flies by Robert Williamson in the Fall 2003 edition of Fly Fishing & Tying Journal

  • Foamy Terrestrials by Harrions Steeves III in the September 2002 edition of Fly Fisherman

  • Top Terrestrial Patterns by Harrions Steeves III in the    edition of Fly Fisherman

 In the book category, Tying Flies with Foam, Fur and Feathers by Harrison R. Steeves III is the best resource we've found with patterns and detailed step by step pictures for tying a number of terrestrial flies.  This book also does a good job explaining the different foams and their uses.

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